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Tim Rajotte

Brian Calhoun:

"I’ve been been participating in CrossFit for over two years. Brian/BLe has been one of the biggest positive influences and role models for me during that time. Whether it’s taking class together and enjoying friendly competition, or taking a class that he is coaching, I always leave the gym happier and more motivated than when I arrived. BLe runs a great class with an awesome balance between group instruction and individual coaching all while providing a fun and supportive environment!"

Christine Larosa:

" I met Brian and Kevin back in August down at the Union Point Bootcamp. They both are very knowledgeable and passionate in what the do and are able to take that knowledge and apply it to help you reach your personal goals. Brian  and Kevin are extremely dedicated to coaching and would even come out in the rain so I could still get my workouts in! I would highly recommend Mainsail CrossFit!"

EJ McDonald:

"I've been a member of multiple different CrossFit gyms and Brian and Kevin are two of the only coaches I would trust my training with. They both are patient and pay attention to the details. Brian and Kevin continue to learn and is skilled in both strength and conditioning and motivates everyone to achieve their personal best. They both have helped me learn that CrossFit isn't just about fit, its about enjoying the process."

Bryan Freitas

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